Therapy can help you with

Developing a deeper self-awareness and insights about your thoughts, feelings and actions can help you discover ‘who’ you are in the world and ‘how’ you might have arrived there and gives the opportunity for making more conscious choices for yourself. 

Discovery of different perspectives on relationships or experiences that are causing you difficulty. Exploring your concerns in the counselling space creates opportunity for all sorts of surprising insights and discoveries.

Increased intimacy and appreciation of connections within yourself and between others in your life, giving you the opportunity to choose more satisfying and fulfilling relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues.

More understanding of your anger and other difficult emotions. When your experiences are heard and accepted without judgement, you feel more accepting of yourself and more able to experience strong emotions without 'acting out'.

Development of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. When you are listened to and accepted, for your strengths and limitations, you become more able to empathise with yourself and to value the contributions that you make to the well-being of others.

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